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Lalique Function Room

Gather your guests together in the unique and elegant surroundings of this corner lounge situated at the junction of the Champs-Elysées and rue Marbeuf.

This spacious lounge offers a special venue for management meetings, contract signings, or any other important occasion.

The creative genius, René Lalique, chose Wingen-sur- Moder in the north of l’Alsace as the site of his factory. The Cactus Table, Champs-Elysées chandelier, Poseidon lamps and console tables in this function room reflect the Lalique way of living.

We provide a welcome coffee or tea and mineral water in the room. Upon request, we can serve you "La cuvée Lalique – Champagne Deutz" when you are celebrating those special moments.

Room equipment :

  • Adjustable lighting
  • Coat hangers
  • Coffee machines, kettle
Air conditioning
Acoustic treatment
Natural light
Natural light

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At your disposal in the room, Reck coffee and tea (organic, Jardins de Gaïa) and Wattwiller mineral water.
Breakfast or cocktail services can be suggested.

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Need to be ordered 24 hours in advance

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