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The Maison de l'Alsace is situated in the heart of the business district, just above a restaurant which is ready to work with you to make your event a success.

Our meeting rooms and offices can be rented by the day by any business wishing to receive clients or colleagues, who nowadays are more and more mobile. Our rooms are spacious, comfortable and well-equipped.

The top floor gives visitors a 180-degree view of the rooftops of Paris, in a rooftop room which crowns this classic Parisian building dating back to the days of Baron Haussmann. This is a view to be relished all year round, making this an attractive setting for any type of event.

Alsace knows how to give you a warm welcome in Paris.

Maison de l’Alsace is owned by the two regions which make up Alsace, and is managed by a trade company composed of some of Alsace’s leading entrepreneurs, MDA Partners.

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  • Soirée Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

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  • Paul Pogba pour Pogmentary sur Amazon prime

  • Soirée Huawei et Arrow

  • Conférence de presse pré-BATIMAT SOPREMA

  • En direct de la Maison de l'Alsace : Avec Bruno Jeudy

  • Conférence de presse avec Eclat

  • Assemblées générales Réunion aérienne et spatiale et GIE la Réunion aérienne

  • Petit déjeuner avec Pascal Cagni

  • Soirée dansante

  • Assemblée Générale de l’ #IFPPC

  • Show Room Privé

  • Yoga avec Wattwiller

  • Meeting

  • Show room avec Ekkia

  • Déjeuner privé dans un Salon

  • Maison de l'Alsace

  • Dîner Clarins

  • Dîner privé dans un Salon

  • Tournage

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